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Christmas 2016

by on Dec.28, 2016, under Family

Joyce and I flew to Ft. Laud­erdale to spend Christ­mas with Jen, Mike and Alexan­dra. We left a day ear­ly due to weath­er, arriv­ing on Thurs­day. We enjoyed Thurs­day after­noon and Fri­day in the Mont­gomery con­struc­tion zone as Jen and Mike are in the mid­dle of a ren­o­va­tion project and the progress is impres­sive, with more to come. Some shop­ping, Mike and Gil vis­it­ed the Wings over Mia­mi avi­a­tion muse­um Fri­day, but most­ly relax­ing and enjoy­ing fam­i­ly. Oh did I men­tion eat­ing, yes eat­ing is our strong suit, lots of food all the time, with a great Christ­mas eve din­ner, then anoth­er feast on Christ­mas day. Back on the diet next week. Christ­mas morn­ing was great with every­one enjoy­ing the gift exchange and of course Alexan­dra was the epi­cen­ter of the gift giv­ing storm. She loved it in a very mature and Chris­t­ian way.  We talked on the phone with Hei­di who was with the Pra­do branch of the fam­i­ly in Myr­tle Beach this year, and all was well.

Joyce and I flew back to Hilton Head on Mon­day to pre­pare for the New Year. It was a great Christ­mas, we are so blessed as a family.

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2016 a great family Thanksgiving

by on Nov.27, 2016, under Family

This was the first Thanks­giv­ing cel­e­brat­ed at the Chechessee cot­tage by our fam­i­ly and it was a great one. Jen­nifer, Mike and Alexan­dra arrived late after­noon on Wednes­day and Hei­di, Gary, Brenn, Caitlin and Kin­sey on Thurs­day morn­ing. Gary and Brenn launched their boat and caught a bunch of sea trout, the rest played games, watched foot­ball and enjoyed each oth­ers com­pa­ny. Joyce, Jen and Hei­di were at work in the kitchen prepar­ing the din­ner. We all sat down and gave thanks for our many bless­ings then enjoyed an incred­i­ble feast. After din­ner more games and foot­ball plus pump­kin pie to top off a won­der­ful day.

Fri­day was filled with activ­i­ties for every­one, more fish­ing for Gary and Brenn, then they joined Alexan­dra and Caitlin in a fish­ing tour­na­ment. At the same time Hei­di and Kin­sey par­tic­i­pat­ed in a 5K fun run. Gil worked out and played pho­tog­ra­ph­er, then after lunch watched foot­ball, Ohio State vs Michi­gan, what a game. There was a young per­sons fun night at Spring Island and the adults had din­ner a Chechessee Creek Club. Sat­ur­day there were more activ­i­ties at Spring Island with the own­ers mar­ket, var­i­ous kids activ­i­ties such as face paint­ing, bar­be­cue lunch, a pre­sen­ta­tion of rap­tors by a vis­it­ing nat­u­ral­ist, as well as a dog show. Alexan­dra’s dog, Autum­n’s broth­er was in the show so he got lots of cheers from us.  Again, it was a per­fect fall day and every­one had a great time.

Jen­nifer, Mike and Alexan­dra left for Fort Laud­erdale Sat­ur­day evening to beat the traf­fic and the rest of us enjoyed a  fresh caught sea trout fish fry at the cot­tage then watched a lit­tle more foot­ball. Sun­day morn­ing we watched anoth­er great sun­rise over the Chechessee riv­er, had break­fast then reluc­tant­ly left to go home. This was tru­ly one of the best Thanks­giv­ing ever at a very spe­cial place for our family.


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Fourth of July 2016

by on Jul.13, 2016, under Family


The fam­i­ly tra­di­tion con­tin­ued with Joyce and I fly­ing to Hilton Head on June 30th, Jen­nifer, Alexan­dra and Mike dri­ving from Fort Laud­erdale and Hei­di, Brenn, Caitlin, Kin­sey and Gary arriv­ing from Savan­nah over the next two days. The first kids activ­i­ty was the Spring Island Sports Camp Fri­day, Sat­ur­day and Sun­day. The camp was most­ly in the morn­ing end­ing with the kids in the pool in the after­noon, which was good because it was HOT. The adults enjoyed a break from the kids and every­one gath­ered for din­ner at the cot­tage. Gary brought the boat over on Sun­day in prepa­ra­tion for the cruise Mon­day night.

Mon­day the fourth, we all par­tic­i­pat­ed in the Spring Island fes­tiv­i­ties. The kids were out ear­ly to dec­o­rate the hors­es for the parade. The parade seemed to be big­ger and more elab­o­rate this year with Tom Cameron again Grand Mar­shall. There were games, Brenn being a tug of war star, then a incred­i­bly bar­bque lunch, then more games and swim­ming for the kids. There was enter­tain­ment with the weath­er warm but what the fourth in the south is expect­ed to be. This is tru­ely what a small com­mu­ni­ty fourth of July celi­bra­tion should be.

In the evening we board­ed the Prado’s boat and cruised to Skull Creek for the fire­works after pic­nic din­ner on board. It turned out there was a delay but just as we start­ed to leave the dis­play went off. It was a late night but the kids were up in time for Camp Spring Island (Nature Camp) the next morn­ing. Anoth­er three days, with the kids busy with camp and the adults relax­ing, going to the pool, play­ing a lit­tle golf and catch­ing up on read­ing. At din­ner we got the camp report. Did you have fun? Yes. They were pret­ty tired with camp and swim­ming after­wards. On Wedes­day, Hei­di vol­un­teered to pick up the kids and the rest of the adults, cruised to Beau­fort for lunch a a local favorite on the riv­er, Plums.

Over­all it was a great fourth of July week at Chechessee Creek and Spring Island. Plen­ty for the kids to do and the adults got to do their thing with time for the whole fam­i­ly togeth­er. It was a very hap­py 4th of July for our family.

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Christmas 2015

by on Jan.01, 2016, under Family

The Williamson, Mont­gomery and Pra­do fam­i­lies con­verged on Hei­di and Gary Prado’s new home in Savan­nah, GA for the Christ­mas day cel­e­bra­tion. The Mont­gomery’s drove from Ft. Laud­erdale on Wednes­day and Joyce and Gil Christ­mas morn­ing. Fog slowed us down a lit­tle so the chil­dren were more than ready for the gift exchange at around 8:30 AM. The chaos was min­i­mal, every­one had a great time and the excite­men­t plus squeals seemed to indi­cate every­one was pleased with San­ta’s good work. We fol­lowed with the tra­di­tion­al fam­i­ly brunch. Then it was time to enjoy fam­i­ly until Christ­mas din­ner. In all it was a great fam­i­ly Christmas.

As the sun set it was time for the tra­di­tion­al fam­i­ly Christ­mas selfie.

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Sunday August 9th.

by on Aug.12, 2015, under Family

After break­fast we explored Churchill vis­it­ing a great lit­tle muse­um in the train sta­tion. After lunch it was time to take a tour of the Tun­dra. Ger­ald our intre­pid guide drove us out of town in the Lazy Bear school bus over wash board grav­el roads. We then board­ed the Lazy Bear Tun­dra Bug­gy and sev­er­al of our adven­tures took turns dri­ving this behe­mouth along dirt roads. Fog came in, which made this des­o­late but beau­ti­ful land­scape more inter­est­ing but we were all think­ing that tomor­row we fly.

The Tun­dra is very a unique envi­ro­ment with per­ma-frost just a few inch­es below the sur­face and a very short grow­ing sea­son. It sup­ports the harti­er species includ­ing Cari­bou that can sur­vive on the lichen that grows on rocks. Ger­ald our guide always has his rifle handy since you nev­er know when a bear may join our par­ty. Churchill was the site of a Cold War air­force base and signs warn of unex­ploed ordi­nance. The First Nation peo­ple ( PC for Indi­ans) lived off this land, which dives to minus thir­ty degrees in the win­ter, which is hard to believe. It’s a very sober­ing place to vis­it and you come away with an appre­ci­a­tion of both the orig­i­nal inhab­i­tante and those who choose to live here now.

We return to the lodge and start look­ing at the weath­er, it looks a lit­tle iffy but that does­n’t stop us from enjoy­ing cock­tails and din­ner on our last night with the whole group togeth­er. We decide to get up tomor­row and take what moth­er nature gives us.


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Christmas 2014

by on Dec.29, 2014, under Family

Christ­mas 2014 was dif­fer­ent for Joyce and I. Both the Prado’s and Mont­gomery’s are mov­ing into to new homes, so we vis­it­ed them rather than hav­ing fam­i­ly Christ­mas at our home with at least one fam­i­ly. So the week­end before Christ­mas we trav­eled to Savan­nah to see Hei­di and Gary’s just fin­ished home. It’s great and we are sure that they are going to enjoy it and we felt like San­ta drop­ping off gifts at their old home. Right after Christ­mas they will move in.

The plan was to fly to Flori­da on Tues­day before Christ­mas but a elec­tri­cal issue with our plane and the weath­er con­spired against us. So we watched it storm in Hilton Head and cheered our air­craft ser­vice cen­ter on. By Tues­day the plane was fixed but not flight test­ed because the weath­er con­tin­ued bad and it looked like it would­n’t be good until Christ­mas day. Joyce and I enjoyed a fire in the fire­place and had Christ­mas eve din­ner togeth­er at home. It was a very nice Christ­mas eve and gift exchange. The next morn­ing the weath­er was good enough to fly and the plan was if all worked well we would pro­ceed to Fort Laud­erdale. Except for strong head­winds the trip was good and the plane worked per­fect­ly. We arrived around 11:00 AM in time for Christ­mas brunch in Jen and Mikes new home. We then exchanged gifts and had a great Christ­mas day togeth­er. They choose the route of buy­ing a exist­ing house with great poten­tial and then redec­o­rate and change it to fit their needs. It is going to be a great prop­er­ty when they get it done and fur­nished, but now they are in the unpack­ing and project mode, but enjoy­ing it.

We had a great time and had time to have lunch with our friends Jill and Den­nis Haber on Fri­day after Christ­mas, then spent time with fam­i­ly Fri­day evening and Sat­ur­day. Sun­day morn­ing we had break­fast by the pool with Alexan­dra, Jen and Mike, then flew back to Hilton Head to have lunch out­doors over­look­ing the har­bor at Shel­ter Cove in balmy weath­er on the way from the air­port to home. It was a dif­fer­ent Christ­mas but one we enjoyed thanks to our trusty Cir­rus air­plane and great family.

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Thanksgiving 2014

by on Nov.30, 2014, under Family

The tra­di­tion­al fam­i­ly gath­er­ing for Thanks­giv­ing hap­pened in Hilton Head in 2014. The fes­tiv­i­ties real­ly start­ed Mon­day when Mom start­ed the shop­ping, and cook­ing that went on almost non-stop through Wednes­day morn­ing. Jen, Mike and Alexan­dra drove up in less than ide­al weath­er on Wednes­day but arrived safe and sound for a well deserved glass of wine and din­ner. Thanks­giv­ing day dawned clear and cool with the Prado’s, Hei­di, Gary, Brenn, Caitlin and Kin­sey dri­ving over from Savan­nah. Kids played both in doors and out­doors, there was the usu­al kitchen kib­itz­ing and foot­ball watch­ing. We were join by our good friends Gor­don and Mar­i­lyn in the after­noon in time for a cock­tail, more social­iz­ing in prepa­ra­tion for the feast. Mom as usu­al out did her­self with din­ner, how­ev­er a high­light of the day was Bren­n’s say­ing the grace before din­ner. He is grow­ing up, and grow­ing up well. It was a jol­ly din­ner enjoyed by all with the kids at their table and the adults enjoy­ing the noise reduc­tion and conversation.


A per­fect day, except the beloved 49ers did­n’t play well, but in the over­all scheme of things still a per­fect day, with fam­i­ly and friends.

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Post Thanksgiving

by on Nov.30, 2014, under Family

Fri­day after Thanks­giv­ing was time to hang out togeth­er and give Mom a much need­ed rest from cook­ing. We all went over to Shel­ter Cove to get out in the sun and get a pho­to tak­en with a very cool San­ta. A lit­tle boat view­ing, bounce house and craft watch­ing and it was back home. We hung out togeth­er at home and watched Mis­souri come from behind to win, mak­ing Hei­di and Brenn very hap­py. It was a big bar­be­cue ribs din­ner (take out) then all the kids slept over.

Sat­ur­day the fam­i­ly, as is the tra­di­tion, trav­eled out to Spring Island for the annu­al, own­ers mar­ket, kids fun activ­i­ty, lunch, dog show and gen­er­al great to be alive as a fam­i­ly day. The girls loved the pet­ting zoo, all enjoyed the crafts and face paint­ing, shop­ping pro­duced some great bar­gains, enjoyed a bigggg lunch and all watched as Jen, Mike and Alexan­dra s gold­en retriev­ers sis­ter com­pet­ed in the dog show.

Alexan­dra had a Sun­day Gym­nas­tics meet in Flori­da so we all left for our sep­a­rate homes from Spring Island after the dog show. It was a great Thanks­giv­ing fam­i­ly get together

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Best Family 4th of July Ever

by on Jul.20, 2014, under Family

The Williamson, Mont­gomery and Pra­do fam­i­lies get togeth­er for the fourth of July every year at Spring Island, this year was spe­cial. For one thing there was the sports camp Sun­day and Mon­day, in which Brenn and Alexan­dra par­tic­i­pat­ed. Mike, Jen­nifer and Alexan­dra drove up from Fort Laud­erdale on Sat­ur­day and picked up Brenn on their way to the Chechessee cot­tage. Joyce and I flew in from Day­ton to Hilton Head. We had sev­er­al projects in Hilton Head so we went back and forth until Wednes­day. Kin­sey and Caitlin joined Brenn and Alexan­dra for Camp Spring Island (nature camp) on Tues­day and stayed in a house on Callawassie Island. Gary brought his boat from Savan­nah on Wednes­day. Besides din­ner and social­iz­ing our first all fam­i­ly activ­i­ty was a boat trip from Chechessee over to Hilton Head Island and back. It was great fun with beau­ti­ful scenery, a giant school of dol­phins past by the boat while we observed and in gen­er­al every­one had a good time.

Captain Gary

Cap­tain Gary





Deck hand Mike

Deck hand Mike








Joyce and I enjoyed a round of golf at Chechessee on Thurs­day and the every­one met a the Spring Island pool which was the gath­er­ing spot. So the fam­i­ly hung out togeth­er, enjoyed the great weath­er and all of the ameni­ties of Spring Island.

Caitlin and Grandma

Caitlin and Grandma

Alexandra and Grandpa

Alexan­dra and Grandpa

Alexandra and Grandma

Alexan­dra and Grandma








The big day is the fourth of July, with a dec­o­rat­ing hors­es, bikes and golf carts, a parade, a big pic­nic lunch, and after lunch tons of activ­i­ties. This year the big hit, was a water slide, boun­cy house, and dunk tank, that occu­pied the kids for hours after lunch. It was a per­fect day that every­one enjoyed.

Brenn decorating

Brenn dec­o­rat­ing

Decorating horses

Dec­o­rat­ing horses

Parade begins

Parade begins

Decorated golf cart

Dec­o­rat­ed golf cart

Kids of all ages

Kids of all ages

Prado kids in parade

Pra­do kids in parade

Alexandra in the parade

Alexan­dra in the parade








One of the things that makes Spring Island so spe­cial is the staff and this event was no excep­tion with the mag­nif­i­cent staff doing a fab­u­lous job. The lunch was spec­tac­u­lar, the ser­vice great and noth­ing was over­looked in mak­ing it a great day for everyone.

Magnificent servers

Mag­nif­i­cent servers

Brenn burger

Brenn burg­er

Fourth picnic

Fourth pic­nic

Kinsey's desert

Kin­sey’s desert

Jen relax's

Jen relax’s

Brenn is full

Brenn is full

Fourth cake

Fourth cake








Water Fun!

Water Fun!

Dunk tank

Dunk tank








In the evening, we packed a pic­nic din­ner and head­ed to Hilton Head to watch the fire­works from the water in Skull Creek. We saw a great sun set them a spec­tac­u­lar fire­works display.

Sunset on the fourth

Sun­set on the fourth





Fireworks finale

Fire­works finale








Every­one agreed this was the best fam­i­ly fourth of July ever.

Family Fourth of July

Fam­i­ly Fourth of July

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COPA Jekyll Island Fly-In Saturday May 17

by on May.18, 2014, under Family

NOTE: Click twice on thumb nails to enlarge images.

Some came in on Fri­day, but the major­i­ty of the fly-in atten­dees arrived on Sat­ur­day May 17th.The weath­er was per­fect clear skies, light winds, and warm dry temps, wel­come to the grand strand islands. Every­one was on their own to explore the island and enjoy the ambiance of Jekyll Island, there was lot to see and do, or you could just relax. One of the nice ameni­ties avail­able on the island is rental of the unique red bug elec­tric cars, which many did. So explor­ing before and after lunch was in order. The nat­ur­al beau­ty with live oak for­est, marsh land, a gor­geous golf course, great beaches,andwaterways, his­toric ruins, and the his­toric Jekyll Island Club prop­er­ty with sur­round­ing build­ings gave every­one plen­ty to see.

Jekyll MarshHorton HouseJekyll BeachJekyll cottageJekyll Island Club

There were many choic­es for lunch. We chose the wharf right in front of the hotel, where there was music and indoor as well as out­door din­ing on local seafood favorites.

Beach MusicSaturday Lunch

After lunch it was more explor­ing or as our orga­niz­ers Jim and Jack­ie Dout decid­ed, just relax by the pool.

Jim and Jackie

We all met for cock­tails in the COPA pri­vate room off the main din­ing room. There were 36 COPA mem­bers and guests for din­ner. We had time to social­ize in the grandeur of the great his­toric hotel.  Saturday CocktailsSaturday before dinnerSaturday chattingSaturday drinksSaturday receptionSaturday Group

We then ordered din­ner from the Grand Din­ing Room Menu and enjoyed COPA fel­low­ship and a great meal.

Saturday DinnerSaturday SocializingSaturday after dinner coffee

After din­ner the con­ver­sa­tions con­tin­ued and some left for the out­door bar at the pool, on an absolute­ly per­fect evening. The social­iz­ing went on with every­one know­ing tomor­rows brunch did­n’t start until 11:30. It was a great evening, per­fect­ly orga­nized withe every­one express­ing their appre­ci­a­tion for the great job that Jim and Jack­ie Dout did putting the event together.

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